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:::: Accounting System ::::

Our Accounting System for SMEs is a hosted-Multi User Accounting system that enables individuals, Groups and SMEs to perform:

  • Accounts Receivables,
  • Account Reconciliation,
  • General Ledger,
  • Invoicing with/without TAX computation,
  • Purchase quotation generation,
  • Summary Financial Report etc.

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:::: HR system ::::

Managing your workforce is very essential and we have made it easy for groups, individually owned businesses and SMEs.

Our Hosted HR System delivers:

  • Personal Information Management,
  • Employee Self Service,
  • Leave Management,
  • Travel Management,
  • Expense Management,
  • Employee Daily Reporting,
  • Benefits Management,
  • Reports and Statistics and so much more...

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:::: CRM/HelpDesk System ::::

IT Serve hosted helpdesk system is database driven and enables our customers manage their clients efficiently. It has the following features:

  • Customizable fields for users' data collection
  • Rich Text/HTML email and responses support
  • Ticket filtering to right departments and staff
  • Configurable help topics for web tickets
  • Ticket locking for Collision Avoidance
  • Assign/transfer tickets between departments
  • Auto-Responder on new tickets
  • Staff Internal Notes for actions taken
  • SLA Plans to track tickets and due dates
  • Customer Portal for Support requests
  • Dashboard reports with statistics on tickets.
  • Ticketing with online customer portal.

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:::: More Solutions.... ::::

Other hosted applications that you can subscribe and benefit from cutting down on your operation costs are:

  • Mass mailing: Suitable for Groups, Churches, Chamas. This enables you to sent out personalized email to more than 500 email accounts at once.
  1. Send HTML Emails, E-Cards, PDF attachments etc
  • Document Management System: This is a Web-based Open Document Management System with :-
  1. Microsoft Office and OpenOffice AddIns,
  2. AutoCAD preview,
  3. Digital signature and Cryptography,
  4. Generate new documents with wizard ( templates + forms),
  5. Google Apps Synchronization,
  6. Mobile interface ( iPhone, Android, Blackberry),
  7. Integrated with LDAP and Active directory,
  8. HTML Editor,
  9. Joomla explorer component,
  10. 2D barcode reader,
  11. CAS authentication,
  12. Dropbox integration,
  13. OpenMeetings integration,
  14. Antivirus integration

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