...You Received a Phishing/Junk Email...

You have received an email informing you that your mailbox quota is full and you need to Click/Open a certain link/URL to upgrade your email account for more storage capacity. This link/URL requires you to enter your Username, Telephone, Password and Confirm Password in order to upgrade your mailbox and never miss on new emails.

What to Do...

  • Please NOTE this is a phishing email whose intention is to steal your email login credentials. 
  • The email is NOT sent from IT Serve Solutions.
  • You should never respond or click any of the provided links within that Email.
  • Delete is from your Inbox.
  • If you have responded to such email, please contact us as soon as possible.
  • NOTE: Email Address credentials are like your Bank details. Username=Bank Account Number, Password=Your Account PIN Number.

...The email you are trying to send has BounceBack...

What to Do...

  • Don't just pick up your phone and call for help or hit the Forward email button.
  • The cause of the BounceBack is right in the email error message you have just received. Take a min or two to read through it and try to resolve the issue. Below are just probable causes and example of error messages that might prevent your email from been delivered.
  1. "The email could not be delivered to YYYYYYY. This is a Fatal error. The server at XXXXXX said the email account YYYYYYY does not exist". When you receive similar bounceback error message, reconfirm the spellings of the email address YYYYYYY, or call the owner of email account YYYYYYY for the correct email address.
  2. "The email could not be delivered to YYYYYYY. The server at XXXXXXXX said, the IP address ZZ.ZZ.ZZ.ZZ is Blacklisted by RBL.RRRR.NN." You can notify your IT Administrator to check on your network spamming status or contact us for assistance.

...Registration and Renewal of a Domain Name...

  • A domain name is a unique identification of your business to the Internet. When your Domain name is Registered and well configured in the servers, its visible from the Internet.
  • The day a Domain name is Registered, that becomes the Birth date of the Domain Name and expires after the number of year its Registered for with the default being 1year.
  • Once the Domain Name expires, ALL the services hosted within it become unaccessible e.g. Emails, Website thus its highly RECOMMENDED to renew your Domain Name before the expiry date.

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